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White Gold

Gold that is used for formal accessories with a significant meaning often require a cleaner, shinier variety. After all, the solemnity of the event it wishes to commemorate should be reflected not only in its design but also on its surface as well. Wedding rings, engagement rings, or baby bracelets, for example, demand a whiter kind of gold rather than the yellowish variety.

Hence, the demand for white gold has always been high. Marriages, engagements, commencements, baby showers and other commemorations - all of these happen everyday. To celebrate these occasions, accessories or other items made of white gold are the perfect complements.

Just take a look at a white gold wedding ring studded with diamonds and you'll know what I mean. It's marvelous, and it's something that the bride-to-be will surely love! She'll even show everyone such a piece because it's indeed a joy to look at.

White gold has always been compared to platinum. Often, one is mistaken for the other. This should not be the case, as they are different elements. Platinum is the most expensive metal in the world. And though gold of a whiter nature is not as expensive, the similarities between the two elements make it just as elegant and beautiful.

This kind of gold is plated with rhodium, a metallic chemical belonging to the platinum family. The rhodium is what makes this type of gold glow with whiteness, and it is what makes it quite similar to pure platinum.

Some fear that this kind of gold does not last. Pundits even say that after a period of 10 years, the features of this type of gold will wear off. These claims have no basis. Gold is gold. It will last for a long, long time, given its sturdiness and durability. But if you want to keep the whiteness of this kind of gold, you'll have to re-plate it with rhodium at least once every two years. Such is not really a demanding requirement, considering the amazing beauty that this gold will provide for your life.

Re-plating is not even a financial burden for the owner of the accessory. Most companies who sell accessories made of this kind of gold offer re-plating services for free. They will do so every year, and some of them even offer this service free for a lifetime.

If you're on the lookout for an accessory that possesses that "wow" factor, then look no further than accessories made of this type of gold.