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Gold Tooth

It has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon. Modern day music icons have started wearing it, and their devotees have likewise adopted the style. I'm talking about a gold tooth, and how it has become a fashion statement in this day and age. You have seen many hip hop artists sporting a gold tooth, or even gold teeth, and sometimes, these dental fixtures even possess some ornate designs. Small figures are drawn on their small surfaces. The names of the people close to their hearts are written in some of them. And within weeks since Nelly released his rap single "Grillz," many hip hop enthusiasts have started wearing them as well.

Originally, gold teeth were used for dental restoration. Gold is a material that is malleable enough to form the shape that needs to be filled, and it is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear that the teeth usually have to endure.

Currently, there are two ways by which you can have your own gold tooth:

1. Permanent dentures, that is, by embedding your tooth with gold plating. This will be a permanent installation.

2. Tooth cap, that is, by making a gold jacket for your tooth. This can be removed.

Though golden dentures are hot, hot fashion style these days, it must be remembered that there is a tragic history behind the same. During the second World War, when Adolph Hitler was rounding up the Jews, gold teeth were extracted from their scorched bodies. The gold in these dentures were then collected and refined to create more objects made of gold... gold which Hitler offered to what he has termed as the superior race, the only people according him who had the right to wear gold.

American soldiers aren't spared as well. During the very same World War, there were reports of US marines extracting gold from the teeth of fallen Japanese soldiers.

Those were dark, dark times. People had so much hatred in their hearts, owing to the violent nature of war. Also, people had a pervading sense of survival. It was a war, after all. Everyone's lives were threatened.

Thankfully, those days are gone, and we are now in a new era of peace and enlightenment. And the fact that golden dentures are being used for cosmetic and stylistic purposes these days actually bode well for how far we have grown as a human race... ONE human race.