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Gold Plating

For close to two centuries now, base metals have been embedded with gold plating. There are many reasons for the emergence of this process. Some are functional, some are aesthetic. All of which, however, perfectly capture the illusion of gold, to the naked eye at least. But why has an outer layering of gold become not only a popular alternative, but a more practical one as well? Here are the reasons why plates of gold have achieved such a distinction:

* Gold has become very expensive, but fashion calls for their usage in certain occasions. Hence, metals with gold plating have become a great alternative for those who need to exhibit the elegance of gold with their wardrobe, but are non-committal to the prospect of investing on gold jewelries.

* Gold is not really very malleable. You'd have to heat it to melting point if you want to manipulate its shape to the form you want. Other metals, on the other hand, are more flexible. Hence, there are cases when it's more practical to simply embed these metals with gold plating rather than having to shape gold itself.

* Other metals are stronger than gold. There are metals that are more durable than gold. For objects which will be exposed to more possibilities of wear and tear, adding gold plate is a more pragmatic option to preserve the structural integrity of the object in the environment where it will be exposed to.

* Other metals possess a more desirable texture than gold. The texture of the plating will ultimately be determined by the texture of the base metal, and some metals have finer texture than gold.

* The thickness of gold plating can be controlled, and the value of a piece can easily be maintained at a lower price. The problem with bigger objects that require that golden touch is that if gold is desired, the entire object should be made of gold. This can be very expensive. But if only a golden exterior is desired, an outer layer of gold is a more practical solution. You can control the thickness of the plating to what is appropriate for a particular need. It may be thin so as to produce the effect of elegance. Or it can be thick so as to produce the effect of authenticity. In any event, the end product will be more affordable than an object made entirely of gold.