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Gold Grill

Hip hop culture is very popular these days. You hear hip hop music everywhere you go. You see hip hop-inspired outfits worn by today's younger generation. Everything about hip hop is experiencing a surge.

One such unique part of hip hop culture is the sporting of gold grill. This grill is actually a denture that was originally meant to protect and support the teeth. But with popular rap personalities wearing a set, their devotees have become very interested with the same.

Does gold make a great material for these dental grills? The answer is a resounding "yes." Here are six reasons why:

1. Gold does not rust. Given the amount of oxidation that can transpire in the mouth, rust should be one of the primary concerns for the person who wishes to have a set of these grills. And gold is resistant against rust. It is not susceptible to corrosion, even with the 24/7 moisture it will receive inside the mouth. This makes gold the perfect material for dental grills.

2. Gold grill provides excellent protection for the teeth. Gold is a sturdy and durable material. As such, it will protect the teeth really well. Whether it's against foreign factors or undesirable accidents, grills made of gold will ensure that the teeth are kept safe from possible harm.

3. Gold is a malleable material. This makes it possible to create grills based on one's particular specifications. These grills will always be a perfect fit for one's teeth, since gold can always be molded ever so easily to conform to the measurements of the prospective user.

4. Gold is a fashionable commodity. Naturally, when used for dentures, and with today's generation enamored with hip hop culture, a gold grill has become an "in your face" fashion statement that simply screams "come see me." Indeed, they can attract instant attentions, which is what fashion is all about.

5. Many different ornaments can be attached to gold. Since gold, at a certain temperature, is malleable, diamonds and other ornaments can be attached to its surface. And when gold cools down, these ornaments become permanent fixtures to the overall design of the grills. They will be properly secured, and the owner of the grill won't have to worry about them falling off.

6. Big time celebrities wear grills made of gold. Johnny Depp, for example, is said to own a set of these grills. Though he may not wear them onscreen, he has been seen sporting a set during casual activities.